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Mission, vision and values

Our company specialises in meat products, and we work every day to offer our customers and consumers top-quality foods. A well-designed process, traditional yet innovative, enables us to reach numerous points of sale and households with a large portfolio of products, responding to customers’ need for variety, good food, nutrition and well-being. We are seriously committed to environmental sustainability, incorporating alternative technologies to minimise our environmental footprint while monitoring our health and hygiene standards.

Emcesa is “top-quality for your table.” Our motto has guided us as our company grows, always working to offer the best possible quality and safety guarantees for all our products.

At Emcesa we are also committed to groups with special dietary restrictions, working intensively with the Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations ( to ensure our products are gluten-free and comply with current legislation.

Today, we are looking to the future as an energetic, robust company. We continue to grow and to develop new lines of work, research, innovation, development and the integration of new technologies, thanks to our large and diverse team of qualified expert professionals who are responsible for successfully achieving the company’s goals.


Emcesa was founded in 1986 by Tomás García Robledo and José Luis Blázquez García, and since then we have grown continuously. Our company has been shaped by our enthusiasm, innovation, reliability and professionalism, and is now one of Spain’s leading businesses. This growth led us to expand our premises. In 2006 we invested in the construction of a new factory in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), with a major expansion of the work area for producing, packaging and storing products, going from 4,800m2 to 22,400m2, with the most modern and innovative production technology on the market, and next-generation methods in quality, hygiene and the environment.

In 2001 we created the R&D Department to develop new products with the research and quality control systems that our company has always been known for.
Later, in 2009, we enlarged our facilities again, to over 25,000m2.

This strong growth was also reflected in our workforce, and we now have over 230 employees.

Innovation and quality (R&D)

At Emcesa we are aware of the importance of a healthy diet, and given how much this affects health, we are working to develop new, healthier products with reduced fat and salt content, in line with the main recommendations of European authorities.

We have developed three projects, with funding from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and technical and scientific advice from the prestigious Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN).

As part of this process of constant updating and innovation, we have equipped our facilities with the most advanced technology in the sector. These investments in technology attest to our status as “The most innovative meat processing company.”