Nutrition We bet on a balanced nutritional profile for our products

Meat is integral to a healthy diet

  • Meat in a healthy diet is indispensable, since it provides great amounts of protein with high biological value, B12 Vitamin, iron, potassium and zinc.
  • The consumption of meat and its derivatives is highly recommended in every stage of life. Children and teenagers’ diets must also include foods that are rich in protein to meet their nutritional needs at the higher stages of muscle, bone and cognitive development.
  • The consumption of meat and its derivatives is 100% healthy for pregnant women. The properties of meat and its derivatives are also beneficial for senior citizens, since they help bolster the organism and improve their well-being.
  • Our commitment to improve the nutritional quality of our products demands that its elaboration be with the most advanced techniques without use of allergens and minimizing the use of preservatives and coloring.