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We elaborate meat products that meet the highest safety and quality standards since 1986.

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Barbecue time is coming!
We have prepared some fantastic new products.

Here you can consult the BBQ 2024 catalogue, or access to all the special barbecue products.

This spring, Emcesa will be a guaranteed success!


Source of protein: here are some of the major nutritional benefits of our kitchen. Would you like to know more about how our meat contributes to your well-being?


Better for the planet. Find out about the positive impact Green Cuisine has in the environment.

Guarantees of quality and safety

Since our origins we have developed products that offer all the guarantees of quality and safety for customers and health institutions. To this end, we have a team of qualified professionals: biologists, nutritionists, veterinarians, food technologists, agricultural engineers… We have invested in technologies that help to control the parameters that influence the quality of our products and we have our own analysis laboratory to be able to make a complete monitoring of them.

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